Who We Are

At Mineral Community Hospital (MCH), we understand that our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of our community.  MCH is a Level IV Trauma Receiving Facility.  We provide inpatient, outpatient, 24-hour emergency room care,  long-term care and physical therapy, as well as many other health care services you may not expect to find in a rural hospital and health center.

As Mineral County's primary health care provider, we offer acute care services, both skilled and long-term care, and outpatient and physician services.

The hospital has an annual budget of $6M, and with 80 employees is one of the larger private employers in the county.

Where We Came From

Mineral Community Hospital has had nearly a 100-year history, beginning in September of 1920. Where the Castle's Market parking lot now stands, Miss Dixie Levey opened a hospital with the intention of having all the modern conveniences of large city hospitals. The first house physician was Dr. P.T. McCarthy.

Over the course of nearly twenty years, various buildings around Superior were used for hospital services and in 1937, the hospital was completely destroyed by a fire. In mid-1940, a referendum to build a new hospital was passed in all seven Mineral County towns. From 1941 to the early 1970s, the hospital (which was located in the present home of the Mineral County Public Library and numerous other Superior treasures), saw thousands of patients.

2023 marks 47 years of service to Mineral County residents in the present location at 1208 Sixth Avenue East!

MCH History
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